Introducing Zak Edelman Ladies and Gentleman

My name is Zak Edelman and I grew up in outlandish Cleveland, Ohio under a working class roof with three older brothers followed by two sisters I was born between. Don’t ask me how I made it through. I am a businessaholic. I learned that along the way. I also like to write..okay, I’m infatuated with vernacular. And most importantly I’m a walking, talking amusement park (without all the waiting).


Follow me @bigideazak at a crazy place called Twitter or you’ll miss out on my off the cuff genius.


A few of my obsessions, infatuations and muses in mindless sequence: Biomimicry, advertising, breath meditation, our jaw dropping natural environment, timeless design, functional gamification, mummification, memorable finger food, toe exercises, amazing tattoos, brilliant business, novel street art, microscopic structures, weird people.


I do advertising consulting- fill out the contact form and prepare to kill your competition.



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