Wednesday Morning Milieu

The sun snuck in between the blinds and roundhouse kicked my eyelids. Laid me out. Or at least my hesitance to rise made it seem that way. I hobbled to the washroom and celebrated the small victory with a dance to ward off alarm clock shaped things. It’s been a few days since I’ve been taking amox to annihilate a pesky strep throat that threatened to take the pep out of my step last week. I’ve managed to adhere to the schedule and cast away the symptoms in the process.

I push my pillow to the side to clear off the bed. Meditating requires a relatively straight spine to enhance breathing and relaxation. 15 – 20 minute sessions a few times every week helps me give stress a warm place to stay instead of despising its mere visitation rights. Observing an involuntary bodily action affords me a glimpse into the majestic unknown of being a human. Yahoo!

Mom shoots me a ‘good morning’ text and poses the ‘wanna go shopping?’ query. I respond in the affirmative and offer up a fake timeline explaining I’m outside of her apartment already. She has a direct view of the parking lot so I get ‘lol why you so goofy’ response shortly thereafter. Oh mom, I’m not goofy I was hit by the goofy truck. And thankfully they also reversed and rolled me a couple more times. Humor makes me feel alive and so does the blaring absurdity sprinkled throughout the commonplace and mundane. Standing beneath the frigid waters of my shower I take a long, deep breath and lunge at the day with a fully stocked arsenal and weapons drawn. Let’s do this.


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