Wednesday Eve in the Lab

At my buddy Presto the Artist’s crib. Chillaxin yo.

He’s working on an armature for a sculpture. Given his meticulous techniques it should be a hoot. We both been bit by the creative reptile. We venture to tip the scales. The ambient melody is Luscious Jackson. When we’re not overcome with the urge to freestyle rhyme the conversation can get weighty. Time tends to stand still as artificial light is warm and lively. A dear old friend Genesee rode along simply for the ride. Fucking tag along boisterous pest. Take 5 and plantain chips made the hops feel at home in the belly of the beast. Streams of consciousness splash about. Tides of epic proportions. Disruptive amounts of energy. Better yet; synergy. Pumpkin spice pancakes graced by the presence of quinoa, amaranth and flax. All natural can be a tastebud delight with the right investment of passion and rugged creativity.

It’s all about the journey.

-11:47 PM .Buy Zak Edelman


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