Why Startups Should Think Like Insurance Companies

Nowadays it seems entrepreneurship is more popular than ever. The idea of working for ourselves and eventually building a business that can sustain us and our family is alluring. Venturing into the corporate storm brings a lot of potential opportunity as well as a lot of hidden uncertainty. I took some time to glean some valuable lessons from the insurance industry you can use on your journey to the top.

1. Sell them what they need.

If you focus on their needs (and blow their mind doing so) you’ll be right there when their want preferences expand as they inevitably do.

2. Be their unsung hero.

Like that friend that calls you out of the blue needing someone to talk to, be by their side and show you care at their critical moments of need.

3. View risk as opportunity.

Ever heard about the story of the bird that never got pushed out of the nest? I think you get my point. Looking like a jackass when you make a reversible mistake always trumps watching the competition make bank trying that unusual marketing tactic you thought of a few months prior.

Hopefully these ideas and concepts bolster your founder mindset. Happy transacting!

by Zak Edelman


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