From B2B to B2C: A Broker’s Success Story

Get ready for some explosive reading that is relevant, practical and profitable. This is from a business model analysis I did for the fun of it. Your head will spin when you hear this piece about how one company, through search engine optimization and online marketing, engineered a juggernaut of a website with basically zero tangible assets. They turned a local business relationship with a national powerhouse into a nationwide, profit making monster.

I’ll get right to the gritty details and outline what happened in five steps. For obvious reasons I do not reveal any company or person’s names. Enjoy.

1. They offered a business-to-consumer service by establishing a relationship with a national company to supply the rented tools necessary for the job. This national company’s primary target market was the business-to-business arena.

2. They worked hard and through volume negotiated discounts on said rented tools.

3. They purchased a simple, relevant URL under a different name and built from scratch a highly informative, practical and functional website.

4. They used one company to face the national supplier and another company, the website, to face the consumer. Neither vendor nor consumer knew that the other existed, theoretically.

5. They extended contracts to other states with their national supplier and purchased P.O. boxes in several hot markets. This tactic enabled the website to maximize their local search engine results in those markets. Then they sat and waited for the phone to ring..and ring it did.

The outcome is a symbiotic, win/win relationship. By ambitiously constructing a terrific website the small service outfit essentially became the online marketing arm of the giant national supplier.

Please comment with any questions you may have regarding this business model case study.


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