15 Ideas to Make Waking Up In The Morning Fun

Your attitude is about to get a promotion.

1. Set a silly ringtone. A Dr. Seuss poem would work.

2. Put weights next to your bed and do a set before you even get up.

3. Fill a spray bottle and spritz yourself after your alarm goes off.

4. Have someone wake you up with a few gentle pillow smacks to the face.

5. Make a prank call to a friend of a friend using your best accent.

6. Put a hoop up near your bed and leave the ball beside you to shoot when you rise.

7. Wake up and yell as loud as you can for a few seconds.

8. Buy an origami book and make a small object before you leave bed.

9. Fashion a magnet onto a pool stick and fish for painted screws you laid out the night before ..pretend you’re on a boat in the middle of nowhere. Be careful not to step on them in the mid of the night!

10. Blow into a noisemaker to celebrate the new day.

11. Read a new quote.

12. Play peek a boo with yourself in a mirror.

13. Put your socks on your hands and make believe they’re sock puppets.

14. Set up plastic cups in a pin arrangement and bowl a medicine ball at them.

15. Set up cards beside your bed and a hat a few feet away.

Share with a friend or they’ll probably find out, get irate and tell everyone about your most embarrassing moment from high school.


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