My Philosophy about Hotwiring

Dont steal cars! Its bad and most people dont own their car fully anyhow. What are they gonna do about getting to work? Taking a bus is an experience few have prepared for. They probably havent walked a block in some time. How will feel knowing your victim is huffing and puffing to the corner store thats three miles away? Car thieves never prosper. Not even in a high density urban environment. Youre not doing the world good because theres less polution. Its more likely that person will make up for their lack of driving by purchasing a hummer as their next vehicle. Now youre not gonna sleep at night for eternity. Hey, even if you chopped and burned that last car you stole you can still own up to it by paying it forward. What the fuck am I tawking about. Lol idk but stay tuned. Zak Edelman o u t.


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