Month: November 2014

Another Place

Fanatics tear apart the sofa for change. Whistles blend an aroma of tone and synchronous freemasonry. Cold hearted enlightened ones shed tears for masachists. In between here and now lies poignant iterations of funnels built for authenticity. The words arrest my internal combustion and jousting seals deals. Fun factories smile amidst a brow beaten path. Only eternity holds a place for the unacknowledged. Vroom groom goes the passersby measuring their apathy. Fighting with a tangled web of mechanical spiders gives a sense of solidity among the animal kingdom’s treacherous front. When the silence dies down there remains a plain Jane dystopia muddled beneath a towering backlash of freelancers. Hate jotting for the plotting of a train spotting. Blood clotting redirects a chain link horror film covered in creepy crawler dreams. Hmm