Another Place

Fanatics tear apart the sofa for change. Whistles blend an aroma of tone and synchronous freemasonry. Cold hearted enlightened ones shed tears for masachists. In between here and now lies poignant iterations of funnels built for authenticity. The words arrest my internal combustion and jousting seals deals. Fun factories smile amidst a brow beaten path. Only eternity holds a place for the unacknowledged. Vroom groom goes the passersby measuring their apathy. Fighting with a tangled web of mechanical spiders gives a sense of solidity among the animal kingdom’s treacherous front. When the silence dies down there remains a plain Jane dystopia muddled beneath a towering backlash of freelancers. Hate jotting for the plotting of a train spotting. Blood clotting redirects a chain link horror film covered in creepy crawler dreams. Hmm


My Philosophy about Hotwiring

Dont steal cars! Its bad and most people dont own their car fully anyhow. What are they gonna do about getting to work? Taking a bus is an experience few have prepared for. They probably havent walked a block in some time. How will feel knowing your victim is huffing and puffing to the corner store thats three miles away? Car thieves never prosper. Not even in a high density urban environment. Youre not doing the world good because theres less polution. Its more likely that person will make up for their lack of driving by purchasing a hummer as their next vehicle. Now youre not gonna sleep at night for eternity. Hey, even if you chopped and burned that last car you stole you can still own up to it by paying it forward. What the fuck am I tawking about. Lol idk but stay tuned. Zak Edelman o u t.

‘Cats and Mice vs Humans’ The Movie: Trailer

Piles of aloft cat hair and mist cloud over the town. Not a single cat is in sight on the streets. They’ve somehow managed to orchestrate a hostile takeover of the human race. All thanks to an impenetrable alliance with mice. 237 mice species’ have banded together across 164 countries and came to a consensus. The domesticated end of the feline spectrum, they’ve decided, is a partner in the fight against all of humanity. The mice say it was the mousetrap and the cats say it was the litterbox. You’re gonna wanna pull up a couch and a cheesy fish sandwich for this one. The only domestic sci-fi movie people will be talking about for eternity!

Sunday Motivation to Stoke your Spirit

You have the ultimate gift. Here and now. That person in the mirror is your top priority. At a moment’s notice you can muster the fortitude to crash barriers, smash limits and destroy roadblocks. Your epicenter is the source of all your inspiration and motivation. Dig down deep and summon the power that is alive and kicking inside you. A feast is to be had upon the application of your will. The destiny is yours already. Be the actioneer.

For A Penthouse Suite, Defy Your Assigned Seat

Remember when you were young and you had an assigned seat in school? Made it easy for everyone. No one had to actually discuss the process of seating arrangements and potential conflict could be handily avoided.

As an adult we similarly have assigned places. Without full awareness we gravitate toward widely accepted and expected modes of behavior given our educational attainment, inherited socioeconomic background, technical ability, etc. However, the resistance is felt if we cross these invisible boundaries.

From what I’ve experienced, the people who get the most out of life are those that notice these boundaries and slyly bend and contort them to their will.

‘Oh Him, He Can’t Keep A Job’ Thinking

Is that like keeping someone’s pen?

Quiet as kept. Hmm. Don’t be too loud. Confined to a cube. What’s all that racket!? There goes that pesky ‘signal versus noise’ line again. Sorry, I dropped your call..I had a bad signal.

Attainment has no predefined duration. That envelope aint gonna push itself.

I’m convinced that no matter what life throws at you, you can always swing for the fences. And the sound is deafening and you’ll hear about it in the paper the next day, too.


Advertising and Möbius Strip Analogy

Möbius strip is a surface with only one side and only one boundary component. Which means there is a point where the inside actually becomes the outside and vice versa.

That same principle can be used to describe advertising. Fusing the bounds of what is inside our understanding and what is outside is a surefire way to achieve remark-ability. Seth Godin can tell you about remarkable.

It should be different enough to catch them off guard and familiar enough to give them the associative warm and fuzzy feelings.

15 Ideas to Make Waking Up In The Morning Fun

Your attitude is about to get a promotion.

1. Set a silly ringtone. A Dr. Seuss poem would work.

2. Put weights next to your bed and do a set before you even get up.

3. Fill a spray bottle and spritz yourself after your alarm goes off.

4. Have someone wake you up with a few gentle pillow smacks to the face.

5. Make a prank call to a friend of a friend using your best accent.

6. Put a hoop up near your bed and leave the ball beside you to shoot when you rise.

7. Wake up and yell as loud as you can for a few seconds.

8. Buy an origami book and make a small object before you leave bed.

9. Fashion a magnet onto a pool stick and fish for painted screws you laid out the night before ..pretend you’re on a boat in the middle of nowhere. Be careful not to step on them in the mid of the night!

10. Blow into a noisemaker to celebrate the new day.

11. Read a new quote.

12. Play peek a boo with yourself in a mirror.

13. Put your socks on your hands and make believe they’re sock puppets.

14. Set up plastic cups in a pin arrangement and bowl a medicine ball at them.

15. Set up cards beside your bed and a hat a few feet away.

Share with a friend or they’ll probably find out, get irate and tell everyone about your most embarrassing moment from high school.

Dont Read Alone

Throw fits and skip breakfast. No one paid attention to your asymmetrical attitude. If one plus two equals three what is one minus negative corkscrewed. Fleas bit apart my homework and the dog got jealous, but happy. I play by the rules because the terms and conditions are my creation. When will you learn I’ve risen above the chatterbatter? People think I’m alive until I lift up my kilt and they get a whiff. Vices, sex and death OH MY! Last one out is a rotten egg salad. The toilet doesn’t work sorry you must not have got the memo. There once was an undisclosed paradox buried in the sands of a sea bound scroll bottle.

Hip Hop Inspired Poetry: Four

More ways to put you in a box than you can ponder. Even more ways than you can soup up a Honda. Ice pick, a push over the stairs, the entire building heard, but nobody cares. Holding the dice, it’s a solo fight against the stats, numbers don’t lie, get em flippin like acrobats. Private I’s get snuffed out, man it’s a tough bout. Where we learned to box is right at the bus route. Double major in street smarts, black market management. It’s none of your business what my competitive advantage is. I slam punks and slip discs, rambunctious misfit. Hop out the sewer and make you ooze like Bisquick. The first hand stabbing, the second hand smoke, the mind went to waste and the body didn’t float.